Nichole Howson
Owner of 
AIM Social Media Marketing. Social Media Manager, Educator, and Consultant.
Hi There!
***Waves Enthusiastically***

My name is Nichole. 

I am the person behind the AIM Social Media Marketing brand.

I'm Self Driven, Motivated, Introverted, Awkward and Sarcastic.
I LOVE my coffee and talk SUPER fast when I'm nervous.

This is me.

Nice to "meet you"!

***Tips Imaginary Cowgal Hat***
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"Social Media Marketing
it's not a job... its a lifestyle"
~ Nichole Howson ~
Here's What I Do...
When I'm not drinking coffee...
Who am I kidding? I drink coffee then too!
I help 10+ businesses run and manage their social media & online marketing efforts on a daily basis!
I offer free workshops once a month for local attendees as well as a full social media marketing course!
I offer strategy sessions and 
1-on-1 consulting for those who want to learn to do their own social media marketing!
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