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Unlock the untapped potential of social media marketing for your business!
Transform your business with the power of social media...
Drive targeted traffic.
Boost your site's SEO.
Increase your reach.
Connect with potential customers.
Build relationships with your followers.
Build brand loyalty.
Does this sound like something you're searching for when it comes to online marketing?

Then this is YOUR TIME.
If you're looking to learn how to develop social media strategy, define your target market and increase engagement...
Let me speak from experience (not just mine... but other students) when I say, it is absolutely doable!
If you've been searching for guidance through this process...
That is EXACTLY where #AIMSocial AMPLIFIED comes in.
Let me walk you through the process of getting your business on social media so you can see the results you desire.
How will #AIMSocial AMPLIFIED help my business?
Live Monthly Group Q&A Calls - Because everyone's situations are different.

Video Training - Because being able to go back and rewatch training can be useful for many learners.

Resources - Instant access downloads to activities, case studies and more...

Constant Support - Everyone needs a boost now and then.

Private Community - You don't have to go about this on your own! There's a whole group who can support you!

So Many More Benefits!!!

"AIM Social Media Marketing is a breath of fresh air in what feels to me a complicated tech world."

Robin Metcalfe, Kesa Cares Pet Services
I'm Nichole Howson.

Full-time Social Media Strategist and Manager.

I started #AIMSocial as a "part-time job" four years ago and over these past years, I built a clientele that I LOVE working with.

Today I work with business owners to experience clear results in their business from their social media.

I founded #AIMSocial AMPLIFIED to give you the EXACT same strategies I apply to my clients.

Let's make social media work for YOU!
What You'll Learn:
• The social media sites you need to be on for your industry.
• How blogging can drive more traffic to your business.
• How to create likes, comments, and shares on your social media channels.
• How to capture your ideal customer.
• How to leverage your social media the most effective way.
• List of free websites to use to create content and increase followers.
• How to calculate your social media ROI.
• Where to find your analytics and how to interpret them.
• How to automate your social media feed + the pros and cons of doing so!
• And so much more!
SNEAK PEEK inside the

AIM Social Media Marketing "offers continued education after the course."

Sylvia Koczerzuk, Walkabout Canine Consulting
How is the content released? All the training and content in ASA can be accessed immediately - with new training's being added regularly.
Who is this membership for? This membership has been designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to learn to use social media for their business!
How is billing handled? It's a ONE TIME FEE with LIFETIME Access! | AIM Social Media Marketing | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy